About Us

GloScapes Outdoor Lighting first opened in 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina. We quickly grew into eight other locations in six states. We are continuing to grow! Each location also is part of our national franchise system. As a result, we provide our clients with consistent, high quality designs and products, no matter where they live. We use only the most modern products. Furthermore, we use only American-assembled products that are beautiful, long lasting and affordable.

When we install a lighting system, we use only the best techniques. We bring all the wires together in one spot. Therefore, we can easily identify if there is a problem on any wire. We install fuses to protect against power surges. We bury and hide all the wires. We adjust the lights at night so that the look is perfect.

Each GloScapes Outdoor Lighting location is home to The GloScapes Promise. With this promise, we create a lighting system that is custom made for each client. We show you each step of the way how your home will look with lighting.

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We make sure that you love your lights! Read more about The GloScapes Promise.