String Trimmer Vs Edger

I confess I returned the greenworks pro, and bought the Ego yesterday, before I saw your reply. I haven’t used it, but just playing with it in the house, I have a good comparison of it and the greenworks pro. The trigger looks identical, but feels so much better on the Ego. The motor starts right away, compared to a delay on the greenworks pro. Some nitpicks, like another reviewer said, the handle is weird, but usable. Also I really liked how the battery on the greenworks pro just dropped in a hole, then you press it in.

best lawn edgers 2018

The thicker line doesn’t break as easily so you spend more time trimming and less time changing in addition to the cutting power of a thicker line. Even though most of these are shipped with the 0.080-inch line, many are capable of 0.095-inch with the stock head. If you can connect your lawn edging tool to an electric outlet, then you can go for a corded or electric lawn edging tool. These are ideal for small-sized lawns that do not require much maintenance.

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But the machine still handled it, just not quite with the savage intensity of a gas-engine machine. This is a serious, pro-duty trimmer, not a toy or an experiment in engineering outdoor power equipment. A few hours of testing later, the machines were a mess­–dirty and scratched from slashing through grass and weeds.

There’s always a difference if you use the right tool for the job. For a clean and tidy border, the edging tool would give probably give the better results. Whether you choose a cordless, battery-powered string trimmer or a corded trimmer you plug into an electric outlet generally depends on where you want to use your trimmer. These different types of trimmers offer trade-offs in terms of reach, runtime, and maneuverability.

Black & Decker Mtc220 Trimmer

I converted to Lithium about five years ago when the second Ni-cad died. I now own the two pack DeWalt 20v brushless drill/ driver and impact driver and am thinking about selling the old 18v set and upgrading to a new 20v set. I am telling you this so you know a bit about this old Grandma. Hi Sally, Most of the time it will cost over $69 to repair a cordless drill out of warranty. When you can buy the Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill at Amazon for $99 with battery and charger it’s never worth it.

It quickly converts into a wheeled edger thanks to a rotating head and quick release system. This trimmer is compatible with Worx’s 20V battery system. That makes it a good choice if you already have other Worx tools with 20V batteries. If you have other Ryobi tools around your house, then consider getting the Ryobi P2052 ONE+ 18-Volt Cordless String Trimmer/Edger.

To make it a little fairer, the results show how many minutes of full blast run time each trimmer gets per amp-hour of battery capacity. Multiply the time by the number of amp-hours in the battery you’re considering to get a pretty solid approximation of what run time you can expect. Echo was the first string trimmer to use the Speed-Feed system that we saw. Since you do the entire operation without removing the spool, you’re not fighting with tangles and jumpy line. This process takes about 3 minutes and similar systems are found on Greenworks, Kobalt, and Ryobi.

best lawn edgers 2018

The only thing that kept this from the top label was the lack of a balanced footplate. Where the Greenworks loses to the WORX is in its handle construction. The WORX model has a double-grip system which is comfortable and easy to use.

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Some lawn edgers can do many other jobs apart from edging the yard. They can also be used as a mini mower, trimmer, or trencher. A tool that can be used for various jobs can make your lawn work more seamless and convenient.

If you have a larger yard and lots of high grass and thick weeds, look for a unit that you push around your yard. Price is important because you want to stick within your budget. After all, you don’t want to go into debt just to make a purchase. However, you do not want to simply buy something just because the price is right if it doesn’t fit your needs or perform the way you would expect.

I read a lot of reviews and it seems the major complaint with this product is the battery last about 10 minutes. I’m a 78 yr old widow of 10 years and still mowing an acre with my rider, but have a Ryobi battery operated weed wacker, chain saw and blower best lawn edgers 2018 that use the same battery. Next purchase is another drill cuz my back up drill died. It’s almost as cheap to buy another tool as to buy a battery. Light duty tools, you are now officially welcome in my home anytime, as long as you do your tasks well.

Beyond that, most of their products are also made with a proprietary resin formula that offers an excellent balance between resilience and eco-consciousness. but the spikes provided are not truly long enough to prevent the lawn edging from rising up. This is especially true if the ground is not perfectly flat. Also, while there is a hinge system in place, the pieces are not truly flexible which may impact placement versatility. this is definitely the best lawn edging to use if you want to be able to run your lawn mower right up against it. This is because the Emsco Group features a flange that prevents the lawnmower from actually coming in contact with the lawn edging.

best lawn edgers 2018

Although the manufacturer uses strong materials for their products, cracks and missing sections can occur across the product. Care for your edger after each use, and you’ll have a tool that lasts for many years. If you plan on using your edger a lot, you might be concerned about replacement blades. Although sharpening the original blade is a possibility, you’ll eventually want to replace it with a new one. Consumers report that it’s possible to buy and install new blades on this edger. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe removal and replacement, however.

Like our hair, grass grows quickly and it looks messy when it comes out of the garden boundary and reaches the driveway or pavement. So we went on an extensive and independent search and survey and brought you the list of best lawn edging tools available in the market. The string trimmer goes through line really fast so I don’t like using it for edging. Get the B&D Electric Edger to go along with your cordless string trimmer. Whichever edger you decide to get, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the time you save and the quality of the results compared to a string trigger. Instead of just one wheel to help stabilize the unit like a stick edger, it fully rests on it’s wheel base allowing for a more precise depth throughout the cut.

  • Overall it can potentially work, but it really depends on how you use it.
  • Dimex, unlike some of the companies on our list, do not at all specialize in lawn edging or even products designed for use exclusively with your lawn.
  • Hopefully, you already know how to select the best lawn edger for garden.
  • However, proper trimming, edging, and mowing practices have a dramatic impact on how the rest of your lawn care program (fertilization, weed control, etc.) work.
  • I spent a couple summers working for a lawn service during high school/college, and we always used string trimmers to edge.

This will keep your tree a safe distance from the string trimmer or edger, preventing any damage to the tree bark. Cut down at least ½” past the edge of the surface you are trimming. Depending on your type of edger, you can adjust the depth of the cut before edging your yard. As you use the edger, the blade will get worn and be smaller, so you will have to adjust the depth.

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For a second test, on softer ground, we tilled up to a 10-by-10-foot area on a single charge. We did look at a number of very light-duty trimmers, ideal for smaller lawns. These use a thinner string and can cut grass and some weeds, but they struggle with thicker, stalkier plants. I currently live in New Hampshire and have about 2 acres of mowable lawn.