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Industry Innovating Services by GloScapes of Central Oklahoma

At GloScapes of Central Oklahoma, we offer unparalleled customer service to give you an experience like no other when it comes to enhancing your home.

We offer a variety of customized outdoor lighting designs and professional installation for a streamlined experience.

Request a Virtual Demo without Leaving Your Sofa

Our patented App lets us light your home virtually. Just send us an image of your house and we will send you back some amazing images of how your house would look with outdoor lighting. All for you to view right where you are sitting!

You can get a virtual demonstration of how outdoor lighting might look at your home. This video shows you how we do it.

All we need is a picture of your house in the daytime. Click here to send us your photo.

The GloScapes Promise

At GloScapes Outdoor Lighting, we take time to understand your vision for your home. With our industry-leading 3-step design process, you will see exactly how your home will look with outdoor lighting. Before you ever spend a penny you will be completely confident that outdoor lighting will enhance the beauty of your home in ways you could only imagine.

Our Services

Design and Installation

Wheather it’s grand or cozy, outdoor lighting can enhance everything you love about your home.

Maintanance and Repair

Annual Maintanance and Repair plans to keep the spotlight on showing off your beautiful home.


Modern, reliable, low voltage LED lighting solutions to take your outdated lighting fixtures to the next level.

Our Central Oklahoma Location

PO Box 720446 Norman, Oklahoma 73070

Request Service in the Dallas Area:  405-402-5770

Franchisee Info: 866-277-9678

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