While outdoor lighting does an amazing job of highlighting the architectural features and beautiful landscaping of your home, it also offers more safety and security for your loved ones. If you’re on the fence about investing in outdoor lighting, learn more about how it can make your home safer. If you’re interested in getting started, contact GloScapes of Charlottesville today to start your virtual demo.

Reduces Crime

You don’t have to install floodlights around your entire home to experience the benefits of better home security. Our designers can customize an installation system that adds beautiful outdoor lighting and landscape lighting to your home that will also reduce the likelihood of vandalism and burglary.

In fact, improved outdoor lighting has shown to reduce crime by 21% compared to darker areas. With outdoor lighting, your home becomes more visible at night. This also increases the visibility of movement around the perimeter of your home, which deters burglars and vandals that don’t want to be seen.

Prevents Falls

Walking around the outside of your home when it’s completely dark can be scary as well as dangerous. Outdoor lighting and pathway lights allow you to see your surrounding environment in order to avoid tripping over landscape features or accidentally trampling through a flower bed.

This is especially helpful when you’re enjoying the outdoors with guests and need to go back inside for something or move the party elsewhere. Everyone will be able to see and safely navigate your property at night.

Better Visibility

Even when you’re not the one wandering around outside, outdoor lighting helps you better see the people that are. With well-lit outdoor areas, you’ll be comfortable letting your children stay out later to play and you won’t lose track of your pet when you let them out to go to that bathroom before bedtime.

Speaking of pets, outdoor lighting does a great job at deterring wild animals from your property as well. Like burglars, they also like to be sneaky — which they won’t be able to do around your well-lit home.

Purchase Outdoor Lighting For Better Security

Thanks to advancements in technology and better design for outdoor lighting, GloScapes of Charlottesville is able to create a stunning outdoor lighting system for your home that’s as functional as it is beautiful. We offer installation for outdoor lighting like:

  • Backyard lights
  • Driveway lights
  • Garden lights
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pathway lights
  • Porch lights
  • And much more!

We also make it easy to get started! Request a virtual demo to view your home with different lighting options. The next step is to schedule a live demo, where a technician will come to your home and demonstrate what different lighting options will look like around your property. 

Finally, you’ll work with our designers to customize your new outdoor lighting. From there, you can install the lights yourself or schedule an installation appointment with one of our experienced and professional outdoor lighting techs. Contact GloScapes of Charlottesville today if you’re ready to get started making your home more secure with outdoor lighting.