There’s nothing quite like a pool party to help cool off during the summer and spend quality time with the people you care about. If there’s one thing that takes a pool party to the next level, though, it’s hosting one at nighttime. 

Learn how you can transition your pool party from day to night with ease, and be sure to contact GloScapes of East Alabama ahead of time so you can have gorgeous outdoor lighting installed around your pool and other outdoor areas of your home.

Offer Plenty of Food & Refreshments

Pool parties have a way of really working up an appetite, so make sure you and your guests have enough snacks to munch on and drinks to quench your thirst. Classic pool party foods include barbeque, hot dogs and burgers, potato salad, chips, watermelon, other fruits, and fresh veggies. Snacks like popsicles are also great to help keep everyone cool.

Tasty beverages to keep everyone hydrated include lemonade, iced tea (Arnold Palmer, anyone?), sparkling flavored waters, and fruity cocktails.

Create a Lounge Area

Not everyone wants to spend the whole time in the pool. And you probably don’t want everyone taking their snacks in there, either. Create a designated lounge area where people can take a break from the excitement, relax, and recharge with some snacks.

Make sure you set up a dining area where people can easily enjoy their meals without worrying their food will slide off their plate in a lounge chair. Those looking for a breather should have an outdoor couch or chaise to relax and catch up with their friends. 

Play Pool Games

Is it even a pool party if you don’t have pool games for everyone to play? Get everyone psyched for diving competitions, Marco Polo, chicken, pool volleyball, or pool basketball — the possibilities are nearly endless. 

If you’re playing games that require equipment — like volleyball or basketball — make sure you set up the net or basket beforehand so you aren’t struggling to get things put together after your guests arrive. Also, this is a nighttime pool party, so make sure everyone can see what they’re doing. Adding glow sticks, waterproof string lights, or finding light-up equipment is a great way to make games more fun and easier to participate in.

Purchase Fun Floats

When it comes to pool floats, the variety of sizes and styles you can buy is endless. Whether your pool party is a BYOF (bring your own float) or you’re providing some of your own, it’s not a bad idea to add a few new ones to your collection — bonus points if these glow or light up too.

When you offer fun pool floats for people to relax on, it’ll be easier for everyone to engage with one another and really enjoy the pool. The light-up floats will also add cool reflections in the water that you can all admire together.

Light Up The Party

We’ve talked a little bit about using lights or glow sticks to create some ambience at your nighttime pool party, but the festivities wouldn’t be complete without some professional lighting that really helps light the way.

At GloScapes of East Alabama, we offer a variety of outdoor lighting options to make different parts of your home more visible at night. Talk to one of our designers about the specific lighting you’re interested in like walkway lights, patio lights, landscape lighting, and other outdoor lighting options to help illuminate your pool area.

Our goal is to make your outdoor lighting project as easy, fast, and enjoyable as possible so you can make the most of your outdoor space. Contact us today to get started.